5 Tips for a successful Office Move

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Moving office can be daunting. In some cases even more stressful if you don't plan it correctly. Depending on the size of the move and the number of staff involved, it takes careful and meticulous planning to work out the logistics and you often need to hire specialist Darwin removalists who can assist in the planning process. Having said that, here are 3 top tips for a successful office move

Give your move a proper planning

Moving to new office premises involves a thorough process of checking the potential spaces and ensuring there is enough room for your present staff as well as room for expansion if required. This also includes choosing your removal company. Your removal company must be chosen months in advance and, where suitable, you can use their logistic managers to help in the planning process.

Take Stock

How will you know those things you have, what you need and where possible, what you can leave behind? Taking stock must be done regularly to give you peace of mind. An office removals project pretty much requires that you do one. It's also best to do this step first. You may have to do a little organizational mini-project before you can get clear numbers. No big deal. Just consider it part of the inventory.

Set up teams and allocate tasks

Whether it is small or large, all your employees have a role to play in the move. If the person in charge delegates the role properly, you will find the whole removal process more organized and convenient. Your workers will appreciate the fact that the planning has caused the lowest interruption and disruption to their daily works.

Keep tabs on your progress

All through the process, ensure you re-examine your inventory continuously while keeping tabs on your accomplishments so far as well as how much you have left to go. This is the only way to overcome such a tiresome project.

Allocate more time for unpacking at the new location on your first day of operation

You may even consider closing the business for a short period to ensure everything is well incorporated into the new office.

Obviously, moving companies that specialize in office removals can be very helpful in planning any large move logistics. Contact Camco Transports to discuss your moving needs.

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