Save time and money during a move

Modern Kitchen ready to move.

Being prepared for the removalists can save you time and money when moving with local Darwin movers Camco Transports. As moving specialists we offer a full pack service and at the home visit we will discuss what is best for your circumstances. If you are packing your own items here are guidelines.

Minimise the number of items:

Consolidate your items, leave drawers inside dressers. Tape up common items such as garden tools or brooms and mops. Less trips to the truck means less time for the movers.


Before the removal visit each room looking for opportunities to save time and money. Start in the lounge room, can all the cables behind the Entertainment unit be tagged (maybe get a cheap Dymo)? Coil and secure with elastic bands and place into a box marked Lounge - Entertainment. DVD's and Video games can be boxed up. Your computer and monitor cables can be taped to the devices or labelled and removed. In the bedroom are the bed's to be dismantled? If so bag up the bolts and tape to the frame. In the laundry drain the washing machine hoses and tape to the washing machine. Bag up any loose items that need to go back with the machine and place inside. At Camco Transports we can pack all of these items for you.


If you are self packing get removals boxes, they are stronger. Get sets of boxes of the same dimensions as they load into the movers truck better. Label the boxes with the room they are going back into. If you keep all the lounge room boxes together they will come off the removals truck in order.

Don't overfill the boxes, books are heavy, kitchen items can be heavy! Close the boxes and tape them shut. This allows them to stack. If the goods are fragile clearly mark fragile boxes.


Unpack the freezer into an esky and turn it off the day before if it needs a defrost. Before the move run down the amount of food in the fridge. On the day pack into an esky.


Tip all the outdoor furniture over to drain any rain water. If you are taking pot plants see if you can find milk crates for the pot saucers, get them clean and dry.


Some furniture will be laid on it's side in transport so drawers and cupboards need to be empty.

Heavy Furniture

Leave the heavy items where they are. Camco Transports will assess these when the visit to quote your removal.

Dangerous Goods

Again make sure you discuss with Camco Transports how these items will be moved. Can the garden mower, whipper snipper and other machinery be cleaned and prepared?

Our Fleet

  • Volvo Tandem Drive 14 Tonne -Tray truck equipped with container locks and gates.
  • Isuzu 9 Tonne Curtain Sider - Gates and ramp ideal for local furniture removals and general freight.
  • Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne - Racks, tail gate loader with 400kg capacity, ideal for removalists.
  • Mazda "Luton Peak" Furniture Truck - Fully equipped for removals of all types of local Darwin removal requirements.