Why it is best to use a local company like Camco transports?

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If you need assistance with removals in Darwin you should strongly consider furniture removals with the help of our skilled Darwin movers.

Finding a quality local Darwin removalist that has plenty of successful reviews online such as our company can present you with a distinct advantage over some of the larger companies. Here are some of the top advantage is that you can use by trusting your move to a local mover like Camco Transports:

Honest online reviews:


Tips for moving house.

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Should you do it yourself or hire help in Darwin?

If you are thinking of engaging a Darwin removalists service here are some tipe. Recruiting friends and family and renting a truck are certainly cheaper, but think very hard about whether or not you're all really up for the task. Assess your situation and budget carefully, and consider hiring out as many tasks as you can afford. You may find it's not worth the trouble (or your back) to do the heavy lifting yourself, but moving smaller or valuable items by hand is worth your effort.


Moving, Packing and Unpacking

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Start packing the right way

Before you decide to do your packing yourself, consider the responsibilities. Sure, it takes time and energy to get the job done right, but doing it yourself can be a real money-saver, even if you’re paying a mover to load the truck. For example, if you’ve hired a professional mover or removalists, you can still opt to pack all or some of the goods yourself, thus trimming the price. To find out just how much you can trim, ask your Camco Removals moving coordinator when you get an on-site estimate.


Moving with Kids

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As a parent, you want what is best for your child. It’s no different when making the decision to move to a new Darwin suburb. You want to make the transition from the old neighborhood to the new one as smooth as possible, especially for your children. Camco removalists have a few tips to help children adjust—both before and after you move.

Helping kids cope with moving

Before moving from your current neighborhood, try the following:


Moving home in wet season

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Living in Darwin and planing a move can present some wet season challenges. Here are some tips from a specialist removalists.

It’s moving day, your items have been carefully packed. Camco Transports are parked outside, and despite your prayers for sunshine the weather forecast is coming true—a storm is brewing, prompting worries of soaked boxes and ruined furniture.

Moving in the Rain or a Storm

But moving in bad weather doesn't have to be a nightmare. If you have to move when it’s raining or windy, follow these tips to protect belongings (and your sanity).


The cost of moving part 2

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Everything is coming together for your Darwin removal, have you considered the other moving costs? Darwin movers, Camco Transports offer these tips:

Other moving costs

In addition to your do it yourself or professional movers' costs, here are some other costs you need to factor into your moving budget.


Darwin local commercial moves made easy

Commercial Office

We are a specialist Darwin removalist company. As well as domestic moves, we specialise in Darwin commercial moves for businesses. So if you are moving to new premises, or even just internally to a different office in the same building – we can assist. We believe good planning is the key to a successful and stress-free move, so we will work closely with you to plan your relocation with our dedicated team.


Moving house securely

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Once you have decided to move your belongings with a reputable Darwin removalists service there is still the issue of security. Here are some ideas on keeping your possessions safe during a removal.

Research your moving company

If you’re going to hire a moving company, do your research. Look for a reliable local moving specialist with many years experience. Check out customer reviews. Perhaps ask for references.


Safe Lifting

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Once you have booked your Darwin Removalists company, you will need to be careful while you are preparing for your move. If you need to get organised and can't leave something for the specialists remember safe lifting.

The key to avoiding painful back injuries is prevention. Lifting is the most common cause of fatigue and low back pain, at home or at work. Whenever you are lifting or carrying heavy objects, always remember to practice safe lifting techniques.


Save time and money during a move

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Being prepared for the removalists can save you time and money when moving with local Darwin movers Camco Transports. As moving specialists we offer a full pack service and at the home visit we will discuss what is best for your circumstances. If you are packing your own items here are guidelines.

Minimise the number of items:

Consolidate your items, leave drawers inside dressers. Tape up common items such as garden tools or brooms and mops. Less trips to the truck means less time for the movers.


Moving a piano

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At Camco Transports we are specialist in moving pianos, as a Darwin removalist with over twenty five years experience we do not recommend that you move your own piano.

Anyone who owns a piano knows how important it is to their home. However, moving such a weighty, bulky, and costly furniture piece is not an easy task and the error margin is very slim. In fact, can hurt yourself and damage property not to talk of the piano itself. Besides, the cost of repairing such an instrument can be high.


5 Tips for a successful Office Move

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Moving office can be daunting. In some cases even more stressful if you don't plan it correctly. Depending on the size of the move and the number of staff involved, it takes careful and meticulous planning to work out the logistics and you often need to hire specialist Darwin removalists who can assist in the planning process. Having said that, here are 3 top tips for a successful office move


Moving Quote

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Moving Quotes – Important Things To Watch out For

When the time has come for you to move your house or office, the first thing is to employ the service of a Darwin removalist. But which of the several local moving companies should you go for? Your choice of a moving company is very crucial and can determine how your move will be. To start, you need to contact professional moving companies for a moving quote.


Moving checklist – the best moving tool at your disposal

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Before your Darwin removalists show up at your door on your moving day, it is important that you organize some details that will make your removal to go smoothly. And this is where a moving checklist helps. A moving checklist is more than just a collection of things that need to be done before a move, it is one of the best tools that will go a long way toward helping you focus on the important things that need to be done.