Moving house securely

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Once you have decided to move your belongings with a reputable Darwin removalists service there is still the issue of security. Here are some ideas on keeping your possessions safe during a removal.

Research your moving company

If you’re going to hire a moving company, do your research. Look for a reliable local moving specialist with many years experience. Check out customer reviews. Perhaps ask for references.

Check the windows and doors

Visit your new residence before you move and check that all windows and exterior doors can lock. Include any sliding doors. If any doors don't lock securely arrange for the required works to be done.

If you’re renting, call the landlord or property agent as soon as possible. Generally, it's the leasing agent or landlord’s responsibility to ensure that all windows and exterior doors can lock before a new tenant moves in.

Close your blinds

Not only do you not want to advertise to the world that you’re moving into the recently vacant dwelling, you certainly don’t want to advertise that you’re moving out of your current residence. Keep your blinds closed while packing boxes, and don’t leave any right next to the window in plain sight.

Make fixes before moving

If you plan on having any work done at your new place, have the trades come in before you move in. Not only does that mean all the messy work is done before you move house, but your home has nothing in it to steal when strangers are coming in and out.

Moving into a Unit or Townhouse

Visit your new home and get a feel for parking, stairs and lifts. How will your possessions travel through those spaces, the removalists will be taking care of your possessions but it may be helpful to let the body corporate know that you will be looking to have a truck on site. They may have requirements about where moving trucks can go, or times when you can move.

Don’t leave boxes unsupervised

Unattended boxes (and even parcels) are a golden opportunity for anyone to walk up, grab them and leave. Leaving your appliances and boxes unattended while you drop items off gives an excellent opportunity for someone to grab what they want unnoticed. Always have someone outside supervising and keeping an eye on your stuff.


Dispose of all the boxes in one go if you can, leaving them in a common area outside may draw attention to the fact that the home has new residents and possessions. There are recycling centers in Darwin and Berrimah or if you hired the boxes unpack them all and arrange for return.

Change your locks

You may want to consider changing your locks. If you are renting ask the landlord or agent if the owner will fund. If they won't it may still be worth your while. A set of keys has to go back for property inspections and so on.

Install a home alarm system

You might want to consider a home alarm system.

Our Fleet

  • Volvo Tandem Drive 14 Tonne -Tray truck equipped with container locks and gates.
  • Isuzu 9 Tonne Curtain Sider - Gates and ramp ideal for local furniture removals and general freight.
  • Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne - Racks, tail gate loader with 400kg capacity, ideal for removalists.
  • Mazda "Luton Peak" Furniture Truck - Fully equipped for removals of all types of local Darwin removal requirements.