Common moving mistakes you must avoid

Darwin house removalist

Do you want a smooth move? Would you like to arrive at your new home with a minimum of fuss and no major catastrophes? Unfortunately, most people end up making choices that make the move difficult and expensive. However, you can make your move a lot easier when you avoid making the following common mistakes.

Failure to plan

Don’t ever think you could just pack your items and leave without much preparation. Most people make the mistake of leaving everything until the last possible moment. It is important to start planning weeks or even months in advance to avoid stress and disappointment. Booking the movers early will make sure that you get quality service and it will give you adequate time to pack.

Being insincere to the movers

When your Darwin removalist company visits your home to see what you need to be moved, be sure to tell them about everything that needs to be moved. Lying will not help you, and you may end up with a higher bill. Lying also wastes time as the movers might not have the right materials when they get to the home. Save yourself money and stress by being upfront with the movers.

Hiring cheap movers

It is good to save money. But when you hire cheap movers, you can end up making a very costly mistake. Also, with many rogue movers around, they may use the bait and switch method, using lower estimates to entice you and then change the price once your items are in their truck. Do not allow yourself to be deceived. Low price estimate may end up costing you more. While affordability is surely a factor to consider when choosing a mover, it is also essential to be sure that the removal company offers a comprehensive, excellence services. You can read testimonials and objective reviews about the company.

Conclusively, you need to be careful when packing your valuable items to avoid damage or loss. Keep your jewelry, laptops, and other smaller items with you. Hiring a professional moving company is the ideal way to ensure that your fragile items are not damaged during your move.

Our Fleet

  • Volvo Tandem Drive 14 Tonne -Tray truck equipped with container locks and gates.
  • Isuzu 9 Tonne Curtain Sider - Gates and ramp ideal for local furniture removals and general freight.
  • Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne - Racks, tail gate loader with 400kg capacity, ideal for removalists.
  • Mazda "Luton Peak" Furniture Truck - Fully equipped for removals of all types of local Darwin removal requirements.