Getting organised to move home

Long drive way suitable for a removals truck.

Even with a specialist Darwin removalist company on your team it helps need to prepare you and your family for the move.

Here is are some point to assist with planning.

Six weeks before you move

  • Start de-cluttering. Don’t waste money paying to have stuff you never use moved to your new property. This is the time to throw out anything that you have never used. If you pack early then your removal company will have a better idea of how many boxes you have and will give a more accurate price.
  • Notify your landlord in writing if you are renting.
  • Decide on whether to are going to move yourself or use a removal company. If removal company look for a specialist with over 25 years in the local removalist industry such as Camco Transports.
  • Book early so you can get the removal company of your choice. A good removal company can be booked up months in advance.
  • Start researching your local area by use of local newspapers, reading blogs or community sites.
  • Check your home insurance policy to make sure you are covered from the day to move in.

Four weeks before you move

  • If you are packing yourself order and have delivered your packing boxes. can assist with a full range of packing materials.
  • Book extra storage if required. Again can assist with temporary storage.
  • If you have any parking restrictions at either address, contact the local authorities or neighbours to arrange parking arrangement suspensions. A removal van needs extra space for manoeuvring into position.
  • Notify the relevant utility companies of your departure.
  • Change your address details.
  • Arrange for someone to look after children and pets if possible.
  • Start running down freezer foods.

One week before you move

  • Confirm arrival time and final arrangements with your removal company including directions or postcode of your new property and any access issues.
  • Arrange for the professional disconnection of gas cookers, washing machines or any other appliances you are taking with you.
  • Start dismantling any flat pack furniture.
  • Contact locksmiths and arrange them to fit new locks to your property.

Three days before you move

  • Do last minute laundry.
  • Any spare keys should be clearly labeled and left where they will be seen on moving day.
  • Make up a box of refreshments and essential items for your first few days – such as toilet roll, light bulbs, tea making equipment, scissors, toiletries, pen and paper, torch, first aid kit, a few pieces of basic cutlery, crockery, corkscrew and of course a bottle of champagne!
  • Throw out items in the kitchen that are out of date.

Two Days before you move

  • Defrost and dry out your fridge / freezer.
  • Pack valuables and documents and put them in a safe place.
  • Do not pack these in a box but place in car with you for easy access.
  • Make a list of contact details i.e. Solicitors, Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, such as Arafura Finance Brokers.
  • Confirm with your estate agents or landlord when will you be getting the keys to your new property.

One day before you move

  • All packing should be done apart from essentials items in the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget to leave out the kettle and tea making items including bedding to sleep on for the 1st night.
  • Charge your mobile phone, as you will need it tomorrow.
  • Do a final check of cupboards, the garden and sheds so that nothing is left behind.

Moving day

  • Welcome your removal team and show them all items that are going and anything that is staying.
  • Drop the children off or organise a corner of the lounge with some of their toys and a few treats. Older children may want specific tasks such as packing up their own personal box.
  • Do a final clean of the house.
  • Make a note of all meters readings.
  • Do a final walkround of property including garage and garden.
  • Lock all windows and doors and leave any information which may be useful to the new occupier i.e. where is the electric/ gas meter, fuse box.


  • Make sure all services - electric, water and gas – are working.
  • Put the kettle on for your removal team when they arrive. Moving is thirsty business!
  • Aim to be there when your removal team arrives so you can show them where you would like items and boxes to go.
  • Make sure your locksmith arrives to change the locks.
  • Don’t try and unpack everything today.
  • Order in a takeaway, enjoy a glass of champagne and relax

Our Fleet

  • Volvo Tandem Drive 14 Tonne -Tray truck equipped with container locks and gates.
  • Isuzu 9 Tonne Curtain Sider - Gates and ramp ideal for local furniture removals and general freight.
  • Toyota Dyna 2 Tonne - Racks, tail gate loader with 400kg capacity, ideal for removalists.
  • Mazda "Luton Peak" Furniture Truck - Fully equipped for removals of all types of local Darwin removal requirements.