How to prepare your checklist when moving house

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When moving to a new place, you sure want to preserve the memories of your old house. That said, it means you'll have to put in a lot of time and effort into moving. Moving is exciting, but not as simple as ABC. To have the best of house changing experiences, you've got to organize your moving, and you need a checklist.

What's a Checklist?

A Checklist is a step-by-step sketch of your planned move. It's a to-do list that keeps you informed about what you'll be packing and how you'll be moving. Most people usually save themselves the stress of preparing their checklists by just getting list templates from the web. However, not many of these are complete in themselves. Hence, we've come up with this article to make moving stress-free and rewarding.

When do you start Moving?

This question is the first and most important that you need to answer. If you hope to have moved by the end of July which is some two months away, the best time to start moving is now. Why? A two-month timeframe is about an ideal time to get a removalist or moving company. A short notice may lead to certain losses or reduced services. So, it's best to decide early on when to start and just continue from that point.

Now that you've decided to start two months before your actual moving day, your checklist should preferably look like this:

  1. Get recommendations of removalists and movers from friends or neighbors. When you have a selection of moving companies, you can eventually pick the best of them. Whatever your choice is, ensure that they visit your house for an on-site assessment and give you a written estimation of the costs, staff, and other relevant details.
  2. If you leave in a rented apartment in Darwin, it'll be good to inform your landlord that you'll be moving. This way, he can also begin to make arrangements for a new occupant.
  3. Decide on what you're going to keep, sell, dispose or donate. If you also have items that need recycling, get them all sorted out.
  4. When you're six weeks away from moving, order for supplies such as boxes, tapes, containers and bubble wraps which will make your packing easy.
  5. Do away with foods or an open pack of items that you won't need.
  6. Start packing your stuff into the boxes and ensure that you label them. Keep all personal stuff like jewelry in a box that you can carry by yourself on the moving day. All your valuables will be safer in a special box labeled as ‘Valuables.'
  7. Change your address at the post office and inform your employer, banks, friends, insurance company and utility providers.
  8. Get all your records from your health care service providers and children's schools and transfer them to your new location.
  9. Have an inventory of everything that you've decided to take with you.
  10. As soon as it's two weeks to your moving, inform your employer that you'll need to be at your house to monitor the packing.
  11. Spend some time with your friends and old neighbors. They're sure going to miss you.
  12. Return items like books or DVDs which you may have rented.
  13. Ring up your moving company to be sure that they remember the date of the moving.
  14. From a week to a few days down, get supplies of things you'll need when you settle into your new house. These are essentials like bathroom necessities, pet leads, scissors, tools, children toys, etc. 
  15. Empty your refrigerator, garbage, and garden shed.
  16. Clean the kitchen, walls, ceilings, windows, cabinets, carpets and everything that will make the new occupant comfortable.
  17. Check that you've packed everything and nothing is left behind.
  18. On the moving day, ascertain that your movers have the right direction and can reach you on your cell phone.
  19. Take inventory of all the things which the movers take into their van.
  20. Make payment depending on the available method.

Somehow, this list could go on and on. But we've tried to give you a list that touches on everything. When you get into your new place, don't forget to check that water, gas, electricity, TV subscriptions have been installed. We hope that you'll find these tips helpful. Contact us as soon as you're thinking of moving, and we'll take everything up from there.

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