Protect your home during a move

Moving house with Darwin movers

Although you’re leaving your old house in the rear view mirror on moving day, that doesn’t mean you should treat it without respect or care.

These three tips will also apply to protecting your new home from the process of moving house in Darwin or Palmerston.

After all, someone else is moving in to their new home, and they want it to be as nice as they expected.

Buy Moving Supplies

Before you move out, make sure to buy supplies that will help you preserve the floors and fixtures of the home you’re leaving behind. Camco Transports can help with this.


Commercial Moving

Darwin removalist

Our company offers the best removalist and movers service across Darwin in record time. We are known for being a company committed to our work and we provide a moving service of the highest available quality, we are fast and efficient with any kind of moving process in the area. Camco Transports will handle this process for you with a reliable service that will get the results needed and without any hassles.


Safe Lifting

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Once you have booked your Darwin Removalists company, you will need to be careful while you are preparing for your move. If you need to get organised and can't leave something for the specialists remember safe lifting.

The key to avoiding painful back injuries is prevention. Lifting is the most common cause of fatigue and low back pain, at home or at work. Whenever you are lifting or carrying heavy objects, always remember to practice safe lifting techniques.


Moving house securely

House with pool

Once you have decided to move your belongings with a reputable Darwin removalists service there is still the issue of security. Here are some ideas on keeping your possessions safe during a removal.

Research your moving company

If you’re going to hire a moving company, do your research. Look for a reliable local moving specialist with many years experience. Check out customer reviews. Perhaps ask for references.


Darwin local commercial moves made easy

Commercial Office

We are a specialist Darwin removalist company. As well as domestic moves, we specialise in Darwin commercial moves for businesses. So if you are moving to new premises, or even just internally to a different office in the same building – we can assist. We believe good planning is the key to a successful and stress-free move, so we will work closely with you to plan your relocation with our dedicated team.


Moving home in wet season

woman looking out windows

Living in Darwin and planing a move can present some wet season challenges. Here are some tips from a specialist removalists.

It’s moving day, your items have been carefully packed. Camco Transports are parked outside, and despite your prayers for sunshine the weather forecast is coming true—a storm is brewing, prompting worries of soaked boxes and ruined furniture.

Moving in the Rain or a Storm

But moving in bad weather doesn't have to be a nightmare. If you have to move when it’s raining or windy, follow these tips to protect belongings (and your sanity).


Moving with Kids

Mom and Dad with two kids

As a parent, you want what is best for your child. It’s no different when making the decision to move to a new Darwin suburb. You want to make the transition from the old neighborhood to the new one as smooth as possible, especially for your children. Camco removalists have a few tips to help children adjust—both before and after you move.

Helping kids cope with moving

Before moving from your current neighborhood, try the following:



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